Education 7: Use of new media in promotion of culture

Good Practice Examples — nuArs, nuSynergetic and reVillage

How to define concept and vision, how to conceive a project, how to attract audience and have effect on self-sustainability of cultural organizations and creative industries? Use of new media is a crucial component in promotion of new ideas and active participation of modern society.

Art projects have the power to establish and examine new models of cultural practices first and hence encourage more complex changes and society development. Concrete examples of development of nuArs vision, nuSynergetic initiative and reVillage project describes potentials of new media use. Digitalization and new media cannot replace “old” forms of promotion, but can complement and strengthen them.

A good mix of various media types makes it possible for designed ideas and projects to reach wide groups of people. Hence, traditional and innovative, tangible and virtual, small and big scale promotion have to be combined with each other. It is important that cultural organizations easily adapt their operation to specific situations and targeted audiences, create new approaches and, most importantly — make mistakes, learn and experiment.

Learning by doing.

nuArs concept

nuArs and nuSynergetic visual identity

Visual identity — set of graphic materials, colours and typographies used for promotion

Facebook cover for nuArs Session No.0

Better done, than perfect.

In the very beginning, it is not often possible to have visual reference for the announced event. However, it is possible to present time and venue of the event in various ways. The element of surprise for the audience (consisting in not exactly knowing what it is about from the promo materials) turned out to be an excellent example of “unexpected” promotion. Above all else, people remember originality and high quality of experience.

nuArs Session No.0 in Varteks Factory, Varaždin

Social networks — unavoidable virtual space for announcement of events and development of audience 

Photography — an important media that can tell a complex story in a single moment 

Video — “behind the scene”, “timelapse” and various other video materials used today to complement promotion of projects on web-portals and social networks 

Audience participation — support, comments and criticism are a valuable promotion and audience development resource, let other people talk instead of you 

“Every pause between the compositions was just enough to let out WOW… laugh, take a breath of fresh air and go on a new ride again.”

Media — journalists have a sharp eye for what goes on around them, care about quality of your work, good media will recognize it all

“We might say that nusinergy creators fight against the society of spectacles by creating a spectacle that will be of use to man and society alike, which may be the most important determinant of the mentioned synergy.”

T-shirt of nuSynergetic Association

Human resources and networking

reVillage Project

There are numerous models and methods for efficient project development, finding solutions for complex tasks and adequate financing. Project transparency and visibility and local community and experts participation can have a strong impact on self-sustainability of cultural organizations and creative industries. There are some of modern examples that are worth researching and implementing.


“Open space works best when the work to be done is complex, the people and ideas involved are diverse, the passion for resolution (and potential for conflict) are high, and the time to get it done was yesterday.”



nuSynergetic is an association from Varaždin, that has been working on promotion of cultural creation and development of innovative artistic practices since 2015. More than 130 volunteers, to the delight of wide public and media, have participated in their projects nuArs Session No.0, nuArs Session No.1 and nuSynergetic Orchestra ft. Varaždin Musical School so far. The Association is engaged in educational processes, training and increasing level of awareness about culture, as well as in revitalization of abandoned places. It is divided into audio, visual and invisible teams (orchestra, audio technicians, audio production, architecture, scenography, photography, video, graphic design, administration and marketing). The Association has effect on increasing quality of life of its local community.


Cover photo: ŠGZ Olinta

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