Šolta Brass Orchestra ”Olinta

The oldest civil society association from Šolta — Brass Orchestra Olinta, reflects authenticity, customs and traditions of the island in its work. Some 30 players meet and practise on regular basis. In 1920, seven young men from Grohote came up with the idea to found brass orchestra in order to provide their contribution to the island they had been living on. This idea became reality supported by hard work, will, persistence and assistance of few like-minded people. 

Brass Orchestra Olinta, affectionately called the Music, had its first official performance in 1922 and since then have been active and a part of Šolta’s cultural milieu. Many generations were a part of the Music and performed on and out of Šolta. Since 1987 young people have been learning to play in School for Young Musicians, headed by young maestro Marin Cecić, and thus continuing preservation of musical heritage. 

Web address: facebook.com/sgzolinta 

Općina Šolta

Municipality of Šolta

The Municipality of Šolta is a unit of local self-government that encourages work and development of civil society organizations by its financial and human resources. Deputy Mayor Željko Zlednić is in charge of project management in the Municipality and co-ordination of Local Councils. He will participate in the Project as a representative of the Municipality of Šolta and contribute to development of participatory management model in culture segment, ensure required capacities for Project implementation and strategically consider further development of social-cultural centre by observing wider context of impact of participatory management on the island community. 

Web address: www.solta.hr 

KUD Šolta

Culture and Art Society ”Šolta 

Culture and Art Society Šolta was officially registered in 1998, but  it had started to work already in 1994, when children’ s choir was formed. 

Culture and Art Society Šolta acted as a children’s choir, girls’ klapa (vocal ensemble singing a capella), women’s klapa, women’s choir and mixed choir. Even then, it could have boasted with its concerts with extremely varied repertoire, from Dalmatian a capella songs, to traditional folk songs, more demanding choir compositions and opera arias. It toured all over Croatia, Slovenia, Austria (three performances only in Vienna), Italy, and Germany… Many times, it hosted and organized concerts of choirs and folklore societies on the island.

Culture and Art Society Šolta was awarded with a public award by the Municipality of  Šolta for contribution to cultural development of the island, just as one of its members — women’s klapa Čuvite was awarded for extreme contribution to the cultural and social life and promotion of the Island of Šolta. Klapa Čuvite won many golden awards, among which gold award won at international competition in Verona in 2011, Golden Shield at Omiš Klapa Festival in 2012, Silver Shield in 2013 and 2014 stand out…

Currently, the Society acts through women’s Klapa Čuvite (founded in 1997, headed by Srećko Damjanović), vocal ensemble Škojić (1997, Slavica Baričević), folklore section (2011, Dražan Domjanović) and mandolinski ensemble (2014, Jelena Link), and consists of some 40 members.

President of the Culture and Art Society Šolta is Katja Tramontana-Domaćina.

Web address:

www.kudsolta.hr (upated up to 2016)


AK Sulet

Amateur Theatre ”Sulet” 

Amateur Theatre Sulet was founded on 30 May 2011 with the object of promotion of development and enhancement of theatre culture on the island, preservation of cultural tradition, customs, heritage and promotion of Šolta Chakavian dialect that has been less and less used by younger population. After 40 years, Šolta finally had its amateur theatre again. 

Five enthusiasts — Mirjana Stanić, Mido Tarašić, Joško Sule, Alemka Rakuljić and Ana Cecić-Vidoš, theatre and Chakavian dialect lovers, founded Amateur Theatre Sulet on 1 May 2011, by help of mayor Nikola Cecić Karuzić and the Municipality (Sulet is one of the oldest Croatian names for Šolta), for needs of the island. Their engagement is connected to cultural, entertainment and artistic events. 

During seven years of its work, they had seven premieres. They performed on all important events on the island and in different places in and out of the island. They participate regularly with their plays or comedy premiere at Šolta Summer Festival. Amateur Theatre Sulet performed four times on Split-Dalmatia County Competition of Amateur Theatres, where it adequately presented Šolta. 

In 2016, Mido Tarašić was awarded for leading male role in comedy Hotel Seagull, and the author of the very same comedy Mirjana Stanić was awarded for the best new drama text. Organization has 15 members, from the age of 10 to the age of 83, and coming from all over the island.

Web adress: www.facebook.com/AK-Sulet

Pokret Otoka

Island Movement

Islands Movement is a network of islanders and all those who wish to contribute to survival of the islands in a responsible and sustainable way through education, dissemination of information and knowledges, networking and collaboration, logistic and other support to islanders and active island organizations, led on principles of responsibility, collaboration, sustainability and unity. 

The organization’s objectives are connecting and empowering individuals, organizations and islands through collaboration, active partnerships and exchange of knowledge and information, and mutual assistance and growth with a view towards brighter and more sustainable future. 

Web address:



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